Story Prompts/Writing Prompts

Enjoy! :3 If you use these please let me know in the comments, because I would love to see how you used them!

Story Prompts:

  1. A teenager finds out that their Magic 8 Ball actually works.
  2. A waitress discovers instead of a tip, a note and small package. It has the words, I’m Sorry, scrawled on it and a pendant in the package.
  3. But maybe he’s not the good guy. The words were written in the prisoners blood on the  cell wall.
  4. A grandmother finds out that her attic is haunted by the ghost of her dead daughter. She equips her grandson to help her fight it.
  5. You’re trapped in the fifth dimension, equipped with nothing but a twizzler, a yoyo, and a flip phone.
  6. Oneway a nuclear explosion happens leaving everyone with different superpowers. One girl discovers her superpower is making people feel depressed. Or is it?
  7. Different kinds of mermaids, based on different types of fish.
  8. You’ve only ever really seen your Fairy Godmother once. It was when you found her spying on you, from the graveyard. She looks oddly like your mother.
  9. An artist finds that all the drawings they’ve scribbled out or thrown away go to a prison for lost drawings. And they want revenge.
  10. At night, when no one’s around, you go to the underground lake. It glows. That’s where you first meet them.

I hope you liked it!


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