Art Class 101: Scumbling

Art class is back!!! Hooray! We just finished a section on Scumbling.

(Apparently I’m forcing myself to add a disclaimer that I’m not a professional artist so hey! Now you know)

For those of you who don’t know, Scumbling is when you scribble in value??? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like anger on paper. It’s like scribbling in shapes and value. Of course, Scumbling is not scribbling, I just can’t find words to describe it.

A thing I noticed? Scumbling is like a paradox. The angrier you get at having to scumble(because it was extremely frustrating for me) the better you do! Haha! Hahahaha!

The art style was surprisingly expressive. Did you know you can be a professional scumbbler??? Kudos to you, Scumbling pros!!! I honestly don’t know how you accomplish it, but it’s very beautiful. Ok, my experience now. We had to first sketch a still life of some vases, then scumble on top of them. The first thing I did when I started to scumble was set a base down, like a middle tone. This probably took the longest, because you have to cover basically all area and shadows-but you can’t shadow to much!!! Our art teacher told us when we were Scumbling we should always start out light, because you can add shadows later. That’s when I went back and darkened my shadows more. And guess what? My drawing didn’t look terrible!!! I was actually proud of it! Of course, you should always be proud of your art because you created something. But it’s ok to be happy when it turns out good! At first I saw most other people in the art class use controlled strokes, which made me nervous, because mine was very loose. But in the end I was just like,”Screw it! I’ll scumble however I want!” And unleashed the madness upon paper.

My tips:

  • SCUMBLE YOUR HEART AWAY!!! The more fun you have with it the better.
  • Pay attention to shadows.
  • Sketch your shine areas before Scumbling so you can avoid them.
  • Pay attention to detail. You may end up missing important parts of your subject.
  • Use the Scumbling paradox to your advantage!!! REALEASE THE STRESS

And that’s it! That’s my experience with Scumbling. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope I’ll see you soon! Bye!


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